Mill Park Publishing of Eagle, Idaho was created in 2003 by author Elaine Ambrose.
The company facilitates fee-based book publication and marketing for local authors
and organizes writer's retreats.

Elaine Ambrose

Elaine Ambrose

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Wednesday, 30 March 2011 14:56

Mill Park Publishing


Mill Park Publishing - Sassy but Classy Reading and Writing

  1. Facilitates fee-based book publication and marketing for local authors
  2. Organizes writer's retreats
  3. Sponsors a television talk show

Mill Park Publishing of Eagle Idaho was created in 2003 by author Elaine Ambrose.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011 22:35

Elaine's Top Five Tips for Writers

1. Write what you know. I couldn’t write well about a vegetarian, Socialist, nuclear physicist who sleeps with his/her dog and listens to rap music. Can’t do it. But, I thoroughly enjoyed writing Menopause Sucks because I’ve been there and it does! And, I laughed every time I wrote a sentence such as, “Let me tell you why you sneeze, fart, and wet your pants at the same time.” And, my fingers literally flew over the keyboard as I wrote about hairy toes, night sweats, and recommended sex toys. Yes, write what you know!

2. Take advantage of, no… exploit, the serendipity of your life.· Develop fascinating characters modeled after your belching piano teacher, or your uncle who refuses to discuss his war wounds but smashes beer cans against his forehead, or the passenger in the airplane seat next to you who laughs in her sleep, or your child who cries when the Disneyland Nightlight Parade stops. You are surrounded by writing prompts.

3. Read your work out loud. You will discover sentences, paragraphs and even pages that no one will understand or ever read again. You’ll find that preposition lounging at the end of a sentence that screams: I’M A HORRIBLE WRITER! READ NO FURTHER!

4. Believe that all the words tumbling around in your brain MUST get out or you will explode! Yes, you hear voices, but it’s your characters demanding that you set them free. If you’re fiddling with non-fiction, then quick, spew forth those creative ideas on napkins, notebooks, old envelopes, typewriters (I still have some), and even a computer. Write. Write. Write. You’ve read plenty of crap that others have written, which is proof that your work will be OK.

5. Continue to read and learn. Emulate your favorite authors. Janet Evanovich makes me howl with laughter and want to read more. On the other hand, Elizabeth Gilbert causes me to wish I were a vegetarian, Socialist, nuclear physicist who sleeps with my dog and listens to rap music. Get a grip, woman! Part Two of this comment is to encourage you to attend writing workshops, join literary groups, go on writing retreats, mingle with other authors, and find a space to write. And, say out loud every day, “I am a writer.”

Elaine Ambrose is the author of six books, the co-author of two books, and the owner of Mill Park Publishing. She organizes the annual “Write by the River” Writer’s Retreat in Garden Valley and enjoys being a carnivorous, capitalistic writer who has no pets and listens to jazz.

Tuesday, 08 March 2011 21:46

Perk Up Idaho Television Talk Show

MB_3Shot_Promo-FullEdit-web-web_smallerSomething sassy is brewing!  Three Idaho women, Elaine Ambrose, Gretchen Anderson, and Amanda Turner, are collaborating to host a morning television talk show called Perk Up Idaho.  The weekly 30-minute-program is targeted at women and promises to provide entertaining,enlightening guests and timely topics.  Be prepared for spontaneous erruptions of humor.

The show is divided into four segments.  "Extra Bold" features prominent, successful women in the area.  "Market Spice" features advice on issues that impact women's lives, such as budgeting and parenting.  "The Buzz" focuses on social media, networking, and all the "hip" realities of the day.  Finally, the "Percolator" segment will showcase emerging talent or a call to action to a particular project.

Two programs have been filmed, and the featured guests are:

Karen Meyer, president, Great American Appetizer, introduces a Nampa business that markets products internationally, with heavy success in China.

Jennifer Deroin, Intermountain Community Bank, will discuss women and money with emphasis on how to reduce personal debt and how to prepare for retirement.

Rhea Allen, president of Peppershock Media, will explain the importance of social media opportunities through Facebook and Twitter.

Sandy Rubio, a Zumba Certified Instructor, will have us dancing all over the studio.

Michael Boss, media manager for the Boise Co-op, brings organic foods and explains the advantages of purchasing products from local organic growers.

14-year-old Andrew Coba, a student at Arts West Performing Arts School in Eagle, wows us with his "old soul" music as he plays piano and sings jazz.

Stay tuned for channel listings and show times.  Mill Park Publishing is the executive producer of the program.

Monday, 07 March 2011 23:30

My Friend Gracie

My_Friend_Gracie_coverAuthor Anne Mackenzie Dixon wrote this book as a class project during her undergraduate studies as she worked for a Master of Social Work degree.  The book now is used as a therapy tool to help children become more passionate toward their peers with Autism.   

This limited edition book is available for $22.00 from Mill Park Publishing.



Monday, 07 March 2011 22:25

Waiting For The Harvest

waiting-for-the-harvestThis book provides a delightful romp through the adventures and growing pains of a young girl in southern Idaho during the 1960s.  Set against the backdrop of a volatile potato harvest, the story tells of waiting for water, waiting for maturity, and waiting for answers to some of life's toughest questions.


This limited edition book was written by Elaine Ambrose and originally published by Legendary Publishing of Boise, Idaho, and is available from Mill Park Publishing for $6.99.  Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Monday, 07 March 2011 21:55

Mill Park Publishing – A Brief History

After my children grew up to become wonderful adults, I decided to leave Boise and move to the mountains to write.  In 1996, I built a cabin on the east shore of Payette Lake in McCall.  The location was over the former site of a lumber mill, and near the house was a small area called Mill Park.  (That’s a clue.)

I loved to sit on my deck and watch weddings at the park and hear the laughter from the playground.  And, walking through the park was the shortest distance to Bistro 45 Wine Bar.  Life was grand for those first few years.  Then the winters seem to get longer, and the snow piled up six feet high on my roof, and I feared that I was turning into the female version of Jack Nicholson’s character in The Shining.  I would sit at my computer trying to write when all I could imagine was an ax smashing through the door.  It was time to save my sanity.

In the winter of 2003, I decided to create a publishing company – something I could do without leaving my home but that would still require brain activity.  What to call my company?  I was gazing out the window at the frozen lake and saw a brave little sign peeking out of the snow:  Mill Park.  That’s when Mill Park Publishing was born.

I wrote and published two books in 2003 and one in 2004.  Through these books and by attending writer’s conferences in McCall, I was able to sign with an agent who helped me get a national contract to write Menopause Sucks for Adams Media. I moved back to Eagle in 2006, leaving Mill Park but not the company.  Mill Park Publishing is still going strong – Daily Erotica and Gracie were published in 2010, and The Backyard Chicken Fight and Mother Knows Best appeared in 2011. The company also organizes an annual writer’s retreat in Garden Valley.

Mill Park Publishing has been a grand adventure in turning words into books.  And, that’s so much better than turning me into a hermit.

  September 17 – 19, 2010  -  Garden Valley, Idaho 
retreat retreat2

Writers are encouraged to register now for limited spaces available at the third annual “Write by the River” Writer’s Retreat in Garden Valley, only one hour north of Boise.

Speakers include:

  • Anthony Doerr, internationally-acclaimed, award-winning author and former Writer-in-Residence for the State of Idaho
  • Alan Heathcock, author, BSU fiction instructor and recipient of the 2010 Literature Fellowship
  • Gretchen Anderson, award-winning humor columnist, media reporter, and co-author
  • Amanda Turner, radio producer and host, writer, and social network expert
  • Elaine Ambrose, award-winning author and owner of Mill Park Publishing

Cost:  $125.00
$100 for members of the Idaho Writer’s Guild

Sponsored by
Mill Park Publishing
Eagle, ID
Or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for a brochure

Retreat activities will be at the cabin of Elaine Ambrose in Southfork Landing next to the river in Garden Valley. Directions:  Drive north of Boise on Highway 55.  Turn right at Banks onto State Highway 21.  Go about 12 miles, turn right at Alder Creek Road and go over the bridge.  Turn right on Freedom Ranch Road into Southfork Landing.  Turn right on Southfork Lane.

Friday, Sept. 17 – 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Informal wine and cheese reception. Mingle with some of the speakers and other writers.  Participants can volunteer to read their work.

Saturday, Sept. 18

9:00 a.m. – Registration

Coffee, light breakfast

9:30 – Welcome – Elaine Ambrose

9:45 – “How and Why I Write”

anthony-doerrAnthony Doerris the author of four books: Memory Wall, The Shell Collector, About Grace, and Four Seasons in Rome.  Doerr’s fiction has won three O. Henry Prizes and has been anthologized in The Best American Short Stories, The Anchor Book of New American Short Stories, and The Scribner Anthology of Contemporary Fiction.  His work has been translated into eleven languages and has won awards including the Rome Prize, the New York Public Library’s Young Lions Award, the Barnes & Noble Discover Prize, a Guggenheim Fellowship and the Ohioana Book Award twice. He was the State’s Writer-in-Residence.

10:30 – Q & A with Anthony Doerr

11:15 – Break

11:30 – Lunch – Book Signing

12:30 – “How to Build on Writer’s Blocks”

turnerAmanda Turner, a writer from Boise, is the producer and host of The Writer’s Block on Boise Community Radio.  She is active with the Idaho Writer’s Guild and manages several Internet sites, including

1:30 – “Story and the Art of Relevance”


Alan Heathcock’s new book VOLT will be published in March.  His stories have been published in Zoetrope; All-Story, VQR, and Best American Mystery Stories among others, and he won the National Magazine Award in Fiction.  He’s currently a Fiction Fellow as appointed by the Idaho Commission on the Arts. 

2:30 – Break

3:00 – “Seriously Writing with Humor”

andersonGretchen  Anderson writes award-winning humorous columns in several newspapers and is the co-author of Daily Erotica. A former television news reporter, she is owns a PR firm called Communication Outsource.  Her blog is

4:00 – “Keep Writing or Your Head will Explode”  

ambroseElaine Ambrose is the author of 100 magazine articles, four books and the co-author of two books, including Menopause Sucks.  She has several national writing awards, including a national humor award from Foreword Magazine for her golf book titled The Red Tease. She owns Mill Park Publishing.  Her public speaking topics are listed on



5:00 – Break – Book Signing

6:00 – Dinner

7:30 – 9:30 - Break for individual writing or informal group discussions

Sunday, Sept. 19

Take time for individual writing around the area or enjoy informal discussions at Elaine’s cabin.  Light breakfast provided.  Retreat ends at noon.

Commute or stay?  It’s a one-hour scenic drive from Boise.  The Garden Valley Inn, (208) 462-2911, has limited overnight accommodations, or preview Camping also is available.

“Write by the River”
Registration Form Due Sept. 5
Space is Limited


Name________________________________________   Address_____________________________________

City ________________________________________    State, Zip ___________________________________

Email________________________________________   Vegetarian meals preferred?  Circle Yes  or  No

Complete, copy and send with check payable to Mill Park Publishing to:

Mill Park Publishing
981 W Cherry Bello Dr.
Eagle, ID 83616

Cost of $125 covers speakers, materials, reception, light breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  $100 for members of Idaho Writer’s Guild.  No refunds after Sept. 10.

Questions?  Call Elaine at (208) 890-8122 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Remember to bring samples of your writing.  Reading is voluntary.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011 04:14

About Elaine

elaine-ambroseElaine Ambrose is an award-winning author and public speaker who created Mill Park Publishing in 2003. She grew up on an isolated potato farm in southern Idaho, left home with just a suitcase full of high hopes and tall tales, and graduated from college with Phi Beta Kappa scholastic honors. She became a manager in a Fortune 100 corporation where she discovered that it was more exciting to fly around the country in a corporate jet than to drive a tractor through a spud field.
Elaine’s thirty year business resume includes jobs as Idaho's first female television news reporter and talk show hostess, bank officer, magazine editor, manager at Boise Cascade Corporation, and the author of nine books.  She has traveled to 30 countries around the world but always comes back home to Idaho. 


  • Midlife Cabernet
  • Drinking with Dead Women Writers
  • Drinking with Dead Drunks
  • Little White Dress
  • Menopause Sucks – What to Do When Hot Flashes Make You and Everyone Else Miserable
  • The Red Tease – A Woman’s Adventure in Golf
  • Gators & Taters – A Week of Bedtime Stories
  • The Magic Potato – La Papa Mágica – A Story and Coloring Book in English and Spanish
  • Waiting for the Harvest – A Novel of a Farm Girl


  • Daily Erotica – 366 Poems of Passion


Highlights of World Travels to 30 Countries

  • Cruised down the Nile and explored ancient pyramids in Egypt
  • Visited the Taj Mahal in India
  • Rode a bull elephant in Napal and witnessed a tiger kill a bison
  • Saw the Jade Buddha in Thailand
  • Hiked across the Haleakala Crater in Maui, Hawaii
  • Cried at Dachau Concentration Camp in Germany
  • Dined on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France
  • Bought wooden shoes in Holland
  • Sang in a choir for the Ambassador of Luxembourg
  • Snorkeled at night in the ocean near the British Virgin Islands
  • Watched a leopard drag a deer up a tree while on safari in South Africa
  • Hiked to the top of the dome at the Vatican in Rome, Italy
  • Ate bird’s nest soup in Hong Kong
  • Wrote and publically recited a poem in Ireland
  • Rode in a train across Canada with my mother and daughter
  • Floundered on chocolate in Switzerland
  • Found a haunted pub in London before seeing “Le Miserables” on stage
  • Camped along the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho
  • Drove with my daughter through Spain to the Mediterranean Coast
  • Hiked along the Cinque Terre trails in Italy
  • Stood in Mass for two hours at the Duomo in Florence, Italy
  • Rode a zip line through the jungle in Costa Rica
  • Drove a snowmobile to the top of a mountain in Idaho
  • Completed cooking courses in Italy and South Africa
  • Got married on the Greek Island of Paros



Highlights of Professional Career

  • Idaho’s first female television news reporter and talk show hostess at age 21
  • The first female assistant director of school services at the University of Utah
  • At age 24, wrote a promotional campaign that won first place in a national competition sponsored by the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education
  • Received the award at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C.
  • Editor of McCall Magazine, Associate Editor of Boise Magazine, Associate Editor of Magic Valley Magazine
  • Received several writing awards from Idaho Press Club
  • Received writing award from Writer’s Digest International
  • Received national humor award as author of The Red Tease
  • Named “Outstanding Citizen” by The Idaho Statesman
  • Received volunteer and civic awards from University of Idaho, Horizon Reading Council, YWCA Twin Program, Delta Gamma Fraternity, Log Cabin Literacy Center
  • Currently on the Governing Board of the Idaho Writers Guild
  • Past president of Ada County Delta Gamma Alumni Association
  • Past National President of the University of Idaho Alumni Association
  • Commence Speaker, University of Idaho
  • Manager in Communications Department for Boise Cascade Corporation
  • Completed Management Excellence Program
  • Created and implemented a nationwide literacy program
  • Organized a corporate media event in New York City
  • Founded and currently own Mill Park Publishing
  • Created and organize annual "Write by the River" Writer's Retreats
  • "Laugh-out-loud funny" - Publishers Weekly 



Tuesday, 15 February 2011 00:21

Backyard Chicken Fight

back-yard-chicken-fightThe Backyard Chicken Fight - How Keeping Chickens in Your Yard is Ruffing Feathers Across the Nation and A Beginner's Guide to Hen Keeping is the book you need if you want to raise chickens.  Author Gretchen Anderson chronicles the stories of people who are fighting City Hall for the right to own chickens at home.  Also, she explains how to raise a healthy flock of free-range chickens in your own backyard.  With the growing emphasis on the importance of buying local, organic food, why not do it yourself? 

Find answers to these important questions:

"How do I build an atractive but efficient chicken coop?"

"What temperature is best for baby chicks?"

"Can I have free-range chickens and dogs?"

"How many eggs does a hen lay each week?" 


Gretchen Anderson is an award-winning humor columnist, author and former television news anchor/reporter.  Her news stories have been carried on NBC, ABC and CNN around the globe.  Gretchen has been published in various magazines and newspapers, and in 2010 she collaborated on a published book of poetry.  Her five children and one husband keep her going six different directions.

The book is available for $9.99 (plus Idaho sales tax) from the author, and at Boise and Eagle Zamzow's stores. The book is available on and at local Barnes and Noble bookstores.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011 00:18

Mother Knows Best

mother-knows-bestWe remember with fondness the sweet advice of our dear mothers:

"Haste makes waste."

"Don't make me stop this car!"

"You're running away?  Let me help you pack!"

"Just because Grandma farts at the table doesn't mean you can, too!"

Mother Knows Best - Wit and Wisdom from Idaho Moms will warm your heart and tickle your funny bone as several Idaho women and men recall words of advice they heard from their mothers.  Proceeds from this book will benefit the Women's and Children's Allliance in Boise in celebration of 100 years of public service for women and men escaping domestic abuse and sexual assault.  Quotes were compiled and edited by Patti Murphy.

Patti Murphy, an award-winning writer, is the author of more than 100 newspaper and magazine articles.  Her feature story, "Memories of Minidoka," about Idaho's WWII Japanese internment camp, has received statewide and national awards.  She owns Murphy Media Services, a public relations and freelance writing agency in Boise.

Purchase each book for $8.99 (plus Idaho sales tax) from the author. 


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