Mill Park Publishing of Eagle, Idaho was created in 2003 by author Elaine Ambrose.
The company facilitates fee-based book publication and marketing for local authors
and organizes writer's retreats.

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How to Get Published by Mill Park Publishing

Written by  Elaine Ambrose

Book Publication and Marketing

Mill Park Publishing offers the following services:

  1. Facilitates fee-based book publication and marketing for local authors
  2. Organizes writer's retreats
  3. Sponsors a television talk show

Mill Park Publishing provides writers with an efficient and exceptional process to produce a quality product for optimum value.  The company works with the writer to transform completed electronic text into a book, complete with ISBN number, Library of Congress number, copyright, bar code, four-color cover, exposure on and inclusion in the Mill Park Publishing web site. 

Mill Park Publishing has published seven books, including several award-winning books, and each one has a professional design and appealing content.

Mill Park Publishing charges a flat fee of 15% above the contract for design, printing and shipping charges.  For example, a 100-page paperback book could cost the following:

$   500             Book Design and Layout

$   500             Cover Design

$2,500             Printing and Shipping

$3,500             Sub-total

$   525             15% Fee

$4,025             TOTAL

Expenses would increase on an individual basis for more pages, custom sizes, hard covers, photographs and graphs.

Additional Fee-Based Services

For e-content, Mill Park Publishing will create eBook friendly formats and distribute the content into the e-marketplace.

Mill Park Publishing can copyedit and proofread the manuscript.  The fee depends upon the scope of the work.

For fees ranging from $250 to $2,000, Mill Park Publishing will coordinate a marketing plan to include local book signing events and interviews with television stations, newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and local civic groups.  The lowest amount provides a media kit and current list of media sources for the client to contact, and the higher amount includes premiere parties at popular venues, complete with appetizers and marketing materials. 

Mill Park Publishing can assist the client arrange for accounting, storage, distribution and fulfillment.     

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